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Unlocking Spiritual Enlightenment: A Practical Guide to gain Spirituality

Many people who seek spirituality wonder what the right way to attain it is. The problem is how to measure the progress. There are various sources of data or information available. There are many mentors. There are many arguments about the methods and the way to attain it. All these create confusion. The page is created to find some solutions to choose the right way of spirituality. I will try to mention the source of each of my knowledge and my personal growth too. If it somehow helps the reader to attain it.


Let us explore what spirituality means. Spirituality is a change or a transformation. How we are different today from yesterday. It is to experience the divine within us. We all have both positive and negative qualities inside us. Each positive quality is a manifestation of God and each negative quality is a manifestation of evil. In Hinduism, this is called Ram and Ravana. To worship Ram, we have to use a subtle method to work on Ravana and transform it into Ram. For example, a smoker can try to stop smoking or a drinker can try to stop drinking. When someone stops it, they feel the presence of Ram. And when we consume it against our will, we feel the influence of Ravana.

Know the process of transition

Transition is a process where human needs to work upon an area which is not comfort zone. Our mind is reluctant to practice anything which are not part of comfort zone. Also, The mind is faster than any physical movement. When the mind is moving rapidly from one object to another , one subject to another , one venture to another , what we miss is the blooming of the flower that is inside us. We not only miss out the details , we miss out completely on the existence of the flower itself. Hence, the question is how to control mind.

To control the mind, one must develop awareness and mindfulness. Awareness is the ability to observe one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions without judgment or attachment. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment with curiosity and openness. By cultivating these skills, one can learn to recognize the triggers and urges that lead to unwanted behaviors and choose to respond differently.


Meditation is a technique of focusing the mind on a single object, such as the breath, a mantra, or a sound. Meditation helps to calm the mind, reduce stress, and increase concentration. It also trains the mind to be more aware of its own patterns and habits.


Journaling is a method of writing down one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences on a regular basis. Journaling helps to clarify one’s goals, values, and motivations. It also helps to identify and process negative emotions and challenge limiting beliefs.


Reflection is a process of looking back at one’s actions and outcomes and evaluating them objectively. Reflection helps to learn from one’s mistakes, celebrate one’s achievements, and plan for improvement. It also helps to cultivate gratitude and appreciation for one’s life.


Feedback is a way of receiving constructive criticism and praise from others. Feedback helps to gain new perspectives, insights, and ideas. It also helps to improve one’s performance, communication, and relationships.

By practicing these techniques, one can gradually transform one’s mind and behavior. As one becomes more aware and mindful, one can make better choices and form positive habits. This is the essence of spirituality: to align one’s actions with one’s highest potential.



Meditation is a practice of cultivating awareness and mindfulness. It is a way of training one’s mind to be more focused, calm, and compassionate. Meditation can have various benefits for one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, such as reducing stress, improving memory, enhancing creativity, and fostering happiness.

  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes softly and gently, and relax.
  • Turn your attention inward and have the thought that the source of divine light is already present in your heart. This light is attracting you from within. Do this in a gentle and natural way.
  • There is no need to concentrate. If you find your awareness drifting to other thoughts, gently come back to the idea of light in your heart.
  • Let your awareness rest in your heart. Feel yourself melting into your heart. It is all right if you relax into a deeper state beyond awareness.
  • Stay in meditation until you feel it is complete.

By following these steps (src: Designing Destiney) , you can experience the joy and peace of meditation. You can also deepen your connection with yourself and the divine. Meditation is a gift that you can give to yourself every day.


These steps help you to change. To go to deeper levels of meditation, you need transmission. The Sanskrit word for transmission is pranahuti. It has two parts: prana and ahuti. Prana means energy or essence, and Ahuti means giving or sacrifice:

Transmission is the process of transferring subtle energy from one person to another for the purpose of spiritual growth. It is like a gentle push that helps you go deeper into meditation and experience higher states of consciousness. Transmission is not an ordinary energy, but a divine energy that comes from the source of all creation.

Pic: Transmission

You can think of transmission as a catalyst that accelerates your spiritual progress. For example, if you want to cook rice, you need water, heat, and time. But if you add a pinch of salt, the rice will cook faster and taste better. Similarly, if you want to meditate, you need to sit, relax, and focus. But if you add transmission, your meditation will become more effective and enjoyable.

Transmission is not something that you have to do or learn. It is something that you receive from a trained teacher or guide who has the capacity and permission to offer it. You can also receive transmission from a group of meditators who are connected to the same source. Transmission is a gift that you can accept with gratitude and humility. It is not a dependency or a crutch, but a support and a blessing. ๐Ÿ™



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