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Chariji, Rajagopalachari Parthasarathy: A Journey of Family, Faith and Achievement

Rajagopalachari Parthasarathy, also known as Chariji, was a man who played many roles in his life. Tracing his family roots, education, professional journey, spiritual philosophy, and achievements in various fields are but a few of his many life accomplishments.

Mother’s Influence

Chariji’s upbringing was strongly influenced by his mother’s piety. He inherited his values of simplicity and service to humanity from her.

Ancestral Roots

Chariji’s forefathers, scholars in Tamil and Sanskrit, shaped his early life and his love for languages and the rich Indian heritage

A Family of Great Minds

Chariji was born into a family of great minds and high intellectual achievement. His upbringing and values were influenced by these strong personalities


Chariji pursued his education at the prestigious Chennai University and the National University of Japan, where he developed his interest in manufacturing automation

•Bachelor in Science, Chennai University

•Master in Automation Engineering, National University of Japan

Professional Journey

Chariji was a pioneer in manufacturing automation in India, and introduced new techniques and technologies to the industry, bringing considerable economic benefits to the country.

•Founder of National Grindlays Bank, India

•Chairman of LMW, India’s largest textile machinery manufacturer

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Chariji demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills by founding several businesses and companies earning him awards and accolades.

•Started the entrepreneurial Ashram near Pune

•Founded Institute of Cosmic Harmony and worked on spreading the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita

Spiritual Journey and Philosophy

Theosophical Society

Chariji’s spiritual journey began with the writings of the Theosophical Society. He became a vegetarian and led a life of simplicity and service

Sahaj Marg

Through his association with his mentor, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, Chariji was drawn to the practice of Sahaj Marg, a philosophy and practice of spiritual evolution.

The Bhagavad Gita

Chariji considered the Bhagavad Gita the greatest spiritual text ever written and dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of this ancient scripture.

The Practice

Chariji spent years perfecting the way of living connectedness, how to integrate passion and detachment with one’s life. He taught practices of meditation, self-reflection and service.

Achievements in Various Fields

Chariji was instrumental in expanding the reach of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission globally. Under his leadership, the organization grew exponentially, with centers established in over 100 countries

Chariji developed the ‘Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation‘ for the promotion of spirituality and holistic living. The foundation conducts various programs and workshops to help individuals lead a balanced life.

He was a strong advocate for heart-based meditation and introduced the concept to thousands of people, helping them find inner peace and spiritual growth.

Chariji also initiated the development of ‘Kanha Shanti Vanam‘, a spiritual retreat center near Hyderabad, India, which is one of the largest meditation centers in the world. It serves as a global headquarters for the Shri Ram Chandra Mission and is a testament to his vision of creating a space for spiritual growth and community.


Chariji was a prolific author, with books on spirituality, self-improvement and management. His works are admired for their clarity and insight.

He authored several books on spirituality and meditation, including “My Master,” “He, the Hookah and I,” and “The Role of the Abhyasi in Sahaj Marg,” which have been translated into multiple languages and continue to guide spiritual seekers worldwide

Industry Leader

Chariji was a respected and innovative leader in India’s textile manufacturing sector. He introduced modern automation methods to the industry and helped transform India’s economy.


Chariji dedicated himself to the cause of human welfare. He established schools for tribal children, hospitals, and social welfare centres.

Legacy and Impact

Philosophical Impact

Chariji’s teachings on spirituality and meditation continue to inspire people around the world. His teachings are a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and Western science.

Industrial Impact

Chariji helped transform India’s economy by introducing modern manufacturing technologies and promoting indigenous industries. His contributions to India’s textile machinery industry are still felt today.

Social Impact

Chariji’s work on social welfare, education and medical services have benefited countless underprivileged people in India and around the world.


Chariji was a remarkable individual whose life and work continue to inspire people around the world. He was a man of great intellect, compassion and spirituality whose legacy lives on through his teachings and his achievements.



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